Travel is part of life. Everyone travels to work or family gatherings. For me travel is a big part of my life. I love to see new places and learn about the history that made that place special. History was a subject that I enjoyed in high school and I do not just want to read about it I like to see it.

I am lucky as I have family scattered around the United States which makes travel not only special but easy at times. I have a sister that lives on the east coast which puts me close to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. I also have a brother and my mother that live in the southwestern states which puts me close to Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and California. I lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a little over six years and have friends that still call it home. This allows me easy travel to the Gulf States for a friendly visit.

When I worked at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering one of my duties was pickup or delivery of customer's vehicles and this allowed me to see areas of the country that I do not see often. No matter what the reason for going to a particular area of the country I always take the camera along. I never know what I may have the opportunity to photograph.

To the right side of this page is a list of places that I have been. There is also a list of places that I wish to visit in the future. I hope to add to both lists as time goes on.