RGNplus13 Equipment

I started my passion for photography with a Canon AE-1. My sister still has this camera and shoots black and white with it. The camera served me well for almost 20 years. In 2004 I sold my Pontiac Trans Am project car and purchased a Nikon D70 kit. The camera came with a 18-70mm lens I purchased a 512 meg compact flash card to go with it. I was now in the digital age and having fun.

I took a continuing education class on "getting to know your camera" at IPFW in Fort Wayne. I showed up with the Canon and the Nikon. I was there with two different ends of the equipment spectrum.

I learned about depth of field, composition, apeture and shutter speed. I started shooting photos with the camera not set to "auto", the creative sense that I got was great.

Now I was needing more equipment and the first thing that I bought was a zoom lens 70-300mm to give me some distance. I was getting tired of changing between the long lens and the short lens so I bought a used Nikon D100. Now I could have a long lens on one body and short lens on a different body.

I have since sold the 70-300mm lens and purchased a Sigma 50-500mm lens. I now have a 80-200/2.8 as well as a 35-70/2.8 to use in low light situations. Everything fits in my Tamrac backpack for easy tranportation. If I do not need the complete setup I have a Tamrac belt system with many pouches or Velocity pack to carry the esentials to the location.

I hope to get a new body this year but have not decided which one yet.