RGNplus13 Galleries

Welcome to the RGNplus13 galleries page. I was on the internet looking at images of aircraft, mostly jets that you see at air shows. I noticed that alot of these image galleries were at a site call PBase. I looked at the site more and not just for jets. This is a site that is for photographers and has a forum that you can get answers to questions. I have even gotten ideas from some of the images that I have seen there.

I signed up for a trial and found the site to be easy to use and informative. I paid for space on the web site and started loading images. I am working on making the galleries a little more organized. I currently have over 1500 images stored in more than 50 different galleries. I hope that you enjoy some of them.

I have recently started shooting High School sports for a website. They cover sports in the Fort Wayne area and allow me to pick the events that I shoot. This makes it easy to work this into my schedule. It has been a lot of fun and a challenge for some sports.