Air Shows

Air Shows happen all over the world. Most air shows that I have been to offer both flying demonstrations as well as static demonstrations. The flying demonstration may be a single plane that is set through a specific group of manuvers. These may be acrobatic or just showing off the ability of the aircraft. Some of these manuvers are done as a team and the manuvers are very precise and calculated. You will normally find a person on the public address system that is dicribing the manuvers. He will also give you background on the aircraft.

The static demonstrations may involve aircraft that you can walk through. Some of the aircraft you will be able to walk up to and a person will be there to answer questions about that aircraft or others like it. Some of the air craft may even be setup so that you can have your picture taken in the aircraft.

If you love airplanes you have probably been to an air show already. If you have not I would like to suggest going to one. They are normally family friendly and not extremely expensive.